Pac Rim Cup

BLACK & WHITE HOUSE PARTY From white trash to black tie, dress to theme.
WHITE HOUSE PARTY Donald and Melania are moving in.
HOUSE PARTY Also known as a curling game.
PARTY We have beer. And vodka.

Congratulations to all the prize winners at the 34th Annual Pac Rim Cup Curling Bonspiel!


Pac Rim Cup Champion: Bailey’s on IceVancouver (Stephen Bailey, Kieran Thomas, Andrew Bass, Allan Hovan)


A Event Runner-up: “White” Wine ViolationVancouver (Scott Robertson, Greg Ohashi, Gerhard Maynard, Michael Anhorn)

A Event Semifinalist: Muss-STANG!Vancouver (Jeremy Bohlken, Claude Stang, Shawn Courtorielle, Jason Popiel)

A Event Semifinalist: Summoning Dorby NorbyVancouver (Grant Hurrle, Jennifer White, Matt O’Grady, Darcy Greiner)

B Event Winner: Team PicantéVancouver (Stephan Funk, Cole Schneider, Randall Noble, Mike Larabie)

B Event Runner-up: Make it a Double!!Vancouver (Gerald Gunn, Jack Holmes, Jeff Berg, Mark Trowell)

C Event Winner: Ivanna TinkleVancouver (Trevor Boudreau, Rick Feeney, Shawn Eklund, Stephen Schneider)

C Event Runner-up: Curlers & SlippersCalgary (Phil Ivers, Rob Armstrong, Nathan Lang, Pierre Cadieux)

D Event Winner: #B&WVancouver, Edmonton (Layne Loshny, David Thill, Christopher Fysh, Jason Tusor)

D Event Runner-Up: Full HouseVancouver (Michael Spowart, Robert Kirkwood, Barry Trischuk, Brandon Howe)

E Event Winner: The Rob Shostak ExperienceVancouver (Casey Smith, John LaRusic, Brandon Yan, Brad Woods)

E Event Runner-up: An Old Broad and Her Gurls (not pictured) – Vancouver (Glen Broad, Darren Stolz, Lane Wyness, Geoffrey Rabut)

Black Swan Song Winner: Sheet StainsCalgary (Brenden Philip, Mike Wrightson, David Bach, Dan Kerr)