CPCC Nationals and PRCL Playdowns Rules and Guidelines


  1. Unless otherwise indicated in this document, the PRCL will comply with the rules as stated in the Canadian Pride Curling Championship (CPCC) Guidelines.

  2. Team eligibility for representing Vancouver at the CPCC, or competing for that right in playdowns is as follows:
    1. Teams must consist entirely of PRCL members who are “in good standing” with the league.
      1. A curler will be considered to be PRCL member “in good standing” if:
        a. They have paid PRCL membership dues
        b. They have completed all waivers requested by the VCC
      2. Players may not be a member of more than one team during playdowns, or for the CPCC event
      3. Players who have already qualified for the CPCC with a team from another city are ineligible.

  3. PRCL CPCC Playdown guidelines:
    1. Timelines and Fees
      1. A call for interest for PRCL teams to participate in the CPCC playdowns will go out in early October with a deadline of mid-October to express interest.
      2. The CPCC playdown draw will be published by mid-November with the intent to complete the playdowns in late November/early December using a combination of Open Ice time (if available) and rented ice time at Vancouver Curling Club and/or Marpole Curling Club.
      3. Depending on the number of teams that enter, a fee may be applicable to participate if rented ice time is necessary.Teams will be notified prior to the draw being published if a fee will be applicable.

    2. Maximum teams, draw format and team seeding:
      1. A maximum of 8 teams will participate in the CPCC playdowns.
      2. The first 6 spots will be reserved for PRCL registered teams.
      3. In the event that more than 8 teams express interest in participating in the playdowns, any teams after the first 6 seeded teams will be placed into the 2 remaining spots based on a random (witnessed) draw.
      4. Draw format will be “double-knockout”.
      5. Teams will be seeded and placed in the playdowns draw using the following guidelines:
        1. Previous season’s CPCC champion and/or runner-up (if applicable) would be automatically seeded #1 and/or #2 (subject to the 3-player rule below).
        2. The remaining teams (up to 6) would be seeded in rank order of current PRCL season’s point totals as of a specified date (adjusted for equal games played).
          1. Teams must consist of at least 3 players from the current season in order for results to be considered for seeding in the CPCC playdowns draw.
        3. Remaining unseeded teams would be placed in the draw by having their names drawn out of a hat

  4. Spares are eligible to compete on a team in the playdowns if they are a member in good standing with the PRCL (see above).
    1. Players already registered on a team in the playdowns are ineligible to spare for any other team in the playdowns.
    2. Spares may play any position on the team as long as regular players are not demoted to a lower position.
    3. CPCC Event: CPCC regulations stipulate that no team may use other members of those competing in the Nationals as spares during the Nationals event. Once representative teams are formed, spares can be drawn either from members of the PRCL in good standing to compete, or from a pool of eligible spares set aside by the host city.

  5. Qualifying Teams from the Playdowns
    1. The PRCL CPCC playdowns will result in up to 2 qualifying teams. A-Qualifier (Vancouver 1) and B-Qualifier (Vancouver 2).
    2. Although Vancouver generally sends only 1 or 2 qualifying teams to the CPCC event, in the event a qualifying team decides later on it cannot make it to the CPCC event, or if the CPCC organizers open up a team spot, the 3rd ranked team from the playdowns will be given the opportunity to represent Vancouver.
    3. Any team that qualifies to represent Vancouver at the CPCC must register at least three (3) of the members that participated in the playdowns for the actual CPCC event. [Exception: In case of injury or extenuating personal circumstances, this rule may be relaxed at the discretion of the PRCL Board].
    4. In case there is an available slot for Vancouver at the CPCC with no ranked team to fill it, this slot may be filled with a team as per the PRCL Board’s discretion.

Updated September 26, 2023